May 24, 2012

Hang your shoes

I am a huge fan of hanging things off the ceiling/wall. It creates more floor space. Rooms look bigger when you can see the edges of the space. It’s easier to clean, if you don’t have to lift things off the floor just because you want to vacuum or mop. I found this through pinterest, my newest social media addition (yes it can be addictive, too). I haven’t really figured it out, but if you want to start following my board(s). Do […]
May 17, 2012

Be less stuff centered

A while ago I read an article by Annie Leonard, author of the book ‘the story of stuff’. She writes that she gets accused of being against stuff. That accusation/question is often raised when prospective customers ring me. They are afraid that we will make them throw out everything. We don’t and we won’t and you shouldn’t let us. What we do is asking lots of (sometimes confronting) questions and raising awareness about what’s needed and what’s just wanted. With […]
May 7, 2012

More Jewellery Storage

I know I have posted a fair bit about Jewellery storage products and ides, but it’s one of the Mother’s Day items in this week’s Target catalogue. So it might not be around in the shop for too long. If you have too  much jewellery declutter; decide on what you still wear and let go of everything else. For the rest; this item might be the right storage solution for you. got to page 22
April 9, 2012

You can break clutter’s grip

By Kathryn Weber, Tribune Media Services Living SpaceMarch 13, 2012 Everyone has to deal with general messiness around the house, but clutter can become overwhelming — judging by the number of TV shows about hoarding! Whatever the level of disorder in your house, solving the problem starts with motivation. The problem isn’t the possessions, but us. Once we get our thoughts straight about clutter, stuff has a way of finding its way out the door instead of in… Los Angeles […]
April 5, 2012

Structure not gadgets

When customers book LessMess, there is a lot to talk about up front. I tell people in as much detail as possible what to expect, my customers do the same. At the end of that conversation, most people ask what they have to buy before we come. My answer is always: nothing There are two reasons for this: Organising is about less rather than more. We try to declutter so you have less stuff. Less stuff doesn’t need more shelves […]
March 29, 2012

How to store your broom(s)

up side down, of course. Never just fling them into a broom cupboard, it will break all the bristles and next time you use them, you have broom hair all over your floor. This is easily made in 1/2 an hour. Just take any board, melamine, MDF, particle board… and hammer some long nails in the right position. Hang it in the broom cupboard or, as this one from our laundry on a free wall in the laundry. If you […]
March 26, 2012

Tip: what to do with your kid’s artwork?

apart from the obvious like use it to wrap presents or cut it up to make cards, this is a beautiful romantic idea: Children’s Art Lanterns  
March 15, 2012

I am oiling my jewellery

Hubby decided to renovate walls and ceiling of the bathroom on the weekend– without notice, and AFTER I MOPPED THE FLOOR IN THE WHOLE HOUSE!! Living in an old house, there is always more renovating work once you get started, because some of the render just basically fell in his face. So we took off what came easily – and decided to do the same all around the hose and then call for my favourite handymen to ‘fix it’. This […]
March 9, 2012


Two weeks ago I  joined freecycle. Should have done it much earlier. I heard about it a few years ago through a friend of mine who, as it now turns out, is the ‘owner’ of the Sydney Central group. Other friends have been using it and rave about it. Finally, I had a customer end of last year who was using it very successfully. You know how it is a lot of times. You decide to let go of something, […]