removing unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place.

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Sort and purge with you

  • Set goals
  • Get started
  • Stay focused
  • Finish designated project
  • Transfer of skills
  • Emotional support to face difficult decisions
  • Disposal, recycling, donating of unwanted items

Together we create results so you can continue your decluttering journey with confidence.

Thank you for taking the time to go through our messy home today and for giving us some great ideas.  I am really looking forward to implementing all the ideas and finding a “home” for all our stuff which I think was a big issue for me. More importantly, I think the visual clarity and calmness that will come with this process should help us work as a family unit somewhat better and lessen the craziness!!! ~Diana, Bexley

Ready to Conquer your Clutter? Get in touch!

Home Office

A typical situation of a home office that had to double-up as a guest room, plus the entire overflow from the wardrobe.

We focussed on the home office, decluttered books, stationery, notepads and CDs. We categorised everything and found a place to store it all. We brought in a handyman to fit wall mounted shelving and a tabletop system which didn’t cost the earth. There is nothing better than having 3 metres of clear work surface. Even the cat loves the result!

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