LessMess in the Media

December 2019 - ABC Radio Sydney: Evenings (Fast forward to 2:35): Water Saving Hacks ABC Radio Sydney

November 2019 - ABC Radio Sydney: Evenings (Fast forward to 2:34)
ABC Radio Sydney
November 2019 - ABC Radio Melbourne: Weekends with Libbi Gorr
ABC Radio Melbourne

November 2019 - ABC Radio Sydney: Evenings (Fast forward to 2:33)
ABC Radio Sydney

October 2019 - ABC News - Who even needs a professional organiser and what do they actually do?
ABC News

October 2019 - ABC Podcast - The Pineapple Project
Ep 4: Getting smart (systems) in the bathroom and laundry
ABC Podcast

July 2019 - 'Where To Get Help For Hoarding Disorder'
National Storage

June 2019 - 'Fair Comment - Sustainability in Everyday Living'
Fair Comment Podcast

December 2018 - 'How often you should change bed sheets?'
ABC Life

The 2018/19 catalogue has arrived. Do you already have yours?

August 2018 - The 2018/19 Ikea Catalogue has arrived

May 2018,
'What's driving our need to eliminate the stuff we accumulate?'
The Sydney Morning Herald

December 2017
'How to Stress Less this Holiday Season'
Howards Storage World

April 2017
'The seven steps to design a happier home'
The Daily Telegraph

January 2016
'Get Real with Mess'
Cumberland Newspapers

September 2015 'Professional Organisers Cleaning Up'
Australian Financial Revue

July 2015, Interview with Jackee de Campo for The Busy Mum Podcast

April 2015 'Messies und Putzteufel' interview with Trudi Latour
Audio Player


March 2015 'It might seem crazy...' by Emily Chantiri
The Sunday Age; Money

September 2014- ABC Radio: listen hereAudio Player


December 2014
'Less Stuff more Happiness' by Libby Hakim published in Sun Herald/ The Age

June 2014
'Eight Things to Throw out Today' published in Body and Soul, Courier Mail, Brisbane

April 2014
'Out with the old, in with the neat and tidy' published in Sun Herald/The Age

July 2013
'DeCluttering can change your life' published in Community Lifestyle

September 2012
‘Spring Organising’
Breakfast with Paul and Kathryn, Channel 10

January 2012
‘cut the clutter’
January 2012 'cut the clutter' TV makeover on ACA, Chanel 9

August 2011
August 2011 'Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat' published in Prevention

February 2011
A Manual For Domestic Life by Barbara Toner. LessMess was interviewed, amongst others, for the “organise time and space” section of this book.

“Life in the modern household has become much more complicated than it was for previous generations. Our roles are increasingly multi-layered, our ambitions further reaching and our expectations completely unreasonable. Juggle a successful and fulfilling career with raising children/pets, servicing the car/bike, maintaining a social life, exercising, cooking a balanced diet, repairing the broken kitchen pipes and managing a regular grooming schedule? Completely doable, in theory. But how exactly? What to Do about Everything is the ultimate householders’ guide to twentyfirst century living.”

ISBN: 9781740667111
Published by Hardie Grant, Feb. 2011

March 2011
'Instant Energy boosts' published in Good Health

November 2010
'Presents Of Mind' what's behind clever gift choices for children of different ages
published in Sydney's Child

October 2010
'Plan for a Less Mess Christmas' published in Family Capers

July 2010
'wear to now- clever wardrobe solutions'
published in Sunday Telegraph

November 2009
'Turn your bathroom into a haven of calm'
published in Home Beautiful

23 October 2008
'Sort it all out'
published in Sydney Morning Herald essential home

September 2008 'Interview ABC Radio'

19 November 2006
'Organisation is an inside job' published in Sun Herald