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Professional Advice on Changing Lives

For over 17 years, Susanne has combined her hands-on life experience with her work as an Expert Professional Organiser to provide insights into how the world around us affects us personally and how to live sustainable lives. As a working mum, trained Interior Architect and award-winning gardener who manages both her family and her own business, Susanne understands the need for organisation and balance in our fast-paced, modern lives.

“We have to start living by accepting the boundaries in our individual lives and the wider world around us…”


Photo of a well organised wardrobe in a family home
Photo of Susanne Thiebe presenting workshops on sustainable living with less mess.

Susanne’s Inspirational Approach to Life

As an expert speaker, Susanne Thiebe’s fun personality, natural and direct approach to the audience creates an inspirational atmosphere with compelling and persuasive communication. Her valuable, life-changing messages are conveyed with a unique and quirky delivery that stays with the audience long after leaving the building.

“In our busy society, the physical world impacts our wellbeing, productivity, and the people around us. We need to focus on finding time and finding ourselves…”

Susanne tells stories of her experiences that spark meaningful action in those listening. She has been changing lives for over 17 years, and her insights are both compassionate and encouraging. She inspires people to approach life with conscientiousness and active thinking, showing them how they can apply her learnings in practical ways in their everyday lives — taking away valuable new understandings of the world and ourselves.


Lets' Talk Waste - Panel Discussion

Susanne did bring her expertise as a De-clutter coach to this discussion about waste, recycling and safe disposal.


Happiness and its Causes, ICC Sydney

Explore the dynamic interplay between procrastination and perfectionism, two common challenges that often hinder our personal and professional growth. Learn pragmatic strategies (and hear some stories) on how to reduce your physical possessions resulting in less mental clutter and a simpler, more productive and happier life – at work and at home. Happy organising!


Workshop Topics

  • Living with Less
  • Meal Planning
  • Study Skills for Teenagers
  • Organise your Office

Speaking Topics

  • How to create a work-life balance and embrace serenity
  • Less is more: why we need minimalism in our lives Accepting boundaries between the wider world and our individual lives
  • The power of letting go and understanding personal limits
  • Personal life change management

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Participant Feedback

" Susanne's talk was fascinating, informative, and motivating. Recently I began to recover from a marriage breakdown (30+ years of marriage). My wife had good reason to basically walk away from our house taking only what she wanted. I found the task of decluttering simply overwhelming and far to upsetting. That has only changed in the past few weeks. I'm now ready to embrace the decluttering techniques and tips Susanne provided. Many thanks again Susanne!"

Peter, Hornsby

"Susanne gave an insightful and inspiring presentation on 'Why we need Minimalism in our lives’  at the Happiness & Mindfulness stream at the Happiness & Its Causes conference 2017. The session was packed with many delegates; some not able to get into the room - evidence of the popularity of the topic. With lots of practical tips on how to declutter both our space and our minds, Susanne’s presentation was a highlight of the conference for many of those in attendance."

Beth Phelan, Conference Director, Happiness and it's Causes 2017

Susanne was very professional to deal with and was thorough in her preparation and presentation on the day. The workshop was clear and practical and a workshop manual that was provided really helped to focus the ideas and will serve as a good reminder in the future.  I found the workshop inspiring because even as a well organised person I learned some good practical ideas to deal with my stuff especially in considering the concept of being organised compared to being tidy.

Tai Kingston, Blacktown Council, Sustainable Resources Engagement Officer

  • Inspiring
  • Easy to understand
  • Relevant
  • Informative
  • Practical
  • More than expected
  • I liked that Susanne had a knowledge of ADD which is great because not everyone thinks the same. I especially have issues with time management. Thank you for addressing that!
  • I am going home with useful ideas
  • I will start today
  • Very inspiring to get going
  • Great local knowledge

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