Decluttering & organising workshops greater Sydney and NSW

Workshops are flexible to be run face to face or online, depending on location and current public health advise.  Have a look!

If you want to arrange a workshop for a group or an event, please contact Susanne.

Less Mess workshops: Living with Less | Meal Planning

Living with less

The ABC of de cluttering, organising and sustainable living

  • Need help with reducing the clutter in your life?
  • Want to reduce your housework?
  • Want some breathing space?

Join this workshops for great tips on how to declutter and organise your belongings!

Upcoming workshops:

Tuesday, 24. August 202112.00 pm - 1.10 pmHornsby Shire Council, live online via ZOOM
more info and booking
Tuesday, 7. September 20219.30 am - 11.30 amLithgow City Council, location TBA
Wednesday, 8. September 20216.30 pm - 7.40 pmInner West Council, live online via ZOOM

Meal Planning

How planning your meals will improve your family’s health and save the environment

  • Want to feed the family a healthy diet?
  • Want to save money?
  • Want to reduce food waste?
  • Want less stress around dinner time?

Upcoming workshops:

Tuesday, 7. September 202112.30 pm - 14.30pmLithgow City Council, location TBA
Saturday, 4. December 20219.00 am - 10.10 amSutherland Shire,
online via ZOOM
more information and booking

Create an intentional Wardrobe

Join this workshops for great tips on how to declutter and organise your textiles

  • Challenge your routine
  • Did you know we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time?
  • Care, share, swap and second hand resources
  • Recycle

Upcoming workshops:

Wednesday, 4. August 202112.00 pm - 1.10 pmCity of Ryde, Live Online via ZOOM
for more information and booking
Saturday, 21 August 20219.00 am - 10.10pmSutherland Shire, Live online via ZOOM
for more info and booking

Paperwork and Time Management

Piles of paper everywhere? E mail overload? No time?

  • Discover your desk
  • Tame the paper tiger
  • Time management
  • Maintenance

upcoming workshops:

Tuesday, 24. August 20216.30 pm -p 7.40 pmBurwood Council, live online via ZOOM

Water wise Household Hacks

Are you reluctant to go into your laundry?

Do you want to …

  • Save water?
  • Save electricity?
  • Save space?
  • Save time?

currently no upcoming workshops:

After your talk, I finally tackled my bench and desk with the help of a friend. It had been affecting my mental health and feels great to have a clean bench top and desk and new homework station. Julia, Kurri Kurri