May 5, 2015


Next time you go through your memorabilia or photos, take a moment to ponder on how different  life was. Different and a lot slower. Past Generations weren’t as fast moving – they couldn’t be. Not every family had a car, kids would walk to school and if an afternoon activity was too far away, you just couldn’t do it.  The absence of modern communication technology meant you had to arrange things well in advance – knowing that a change could […]
March 2, 2015

Just Change some Words

and it might change your attitude towards your to do list Who doesn’t have that ever re-accruing task on their to do list; I used to have ‘finish Max photo album’ on it; week after week after week; till I decided to just not put it on there anymore and wait till that Max is moved out and I have time and will enjoy a bit of simple scrapbooking. Another idea to get things off your to do list – […]
September 5, 2013

Home Alone

A couple of weeks ago, again, my kids had to stay home alone. This time all three of them and I didn’t even come home at night. We discussed it with the kids and they unanimously opted for home alone versus home with a motherly friend. They are too old for babysitters – they are babysitters, but with the youngest just 10 and still in primary school it was a bit of a journey. As it was their choice they […]
February 28, 2013

Organising Tip:re occurring to do list

In truer minimalist style, the 2013 vision for my business boiled down to a photocopied sticker