What a Professional Organiser can do for you

We declutter, organise, coach and give advice.

  • Transfer of skills

    We walk through your spaces together to assess the situation and find solutions. These solutions give you the chance to be organised – because from now on, everything in your home/office has a space. When decluttering, we teach clients ways to get started, stay focused, and finish the designated project. Our goal is to pass on our knowledge because we believe that organising is a skill everybody can learn.

  • Product advice

    We suggest products and shop for you if desired. We advise on additional services like handymen, cleaners, carpenters, and rubbish removal.

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Craft Cupboard

A typical, low budget solution is to reuse original containers or use no-cost items like ice cream containers.

We focussed on sorting and throwing away of broken items or unusable paper and paint. Getting everything off the floor is always a good idea as well as colour coding so kids can find their way around.
organising craft cupboard       craft cupboard organising