Hands-on decluttering

We understand that most people are on a budget, so we tailor our programs to suit your needs.

  • We do whole houses or declutter single rooms.
  • We help downsize you or your family.
  • We sort and purge with you.
  • We give you the emotional support to face difficult decisions.

Together we create inspiring results so you can continue your decluttering journey with confidence.

  • We offer absolute confidentiality with all of our services.

Home Office

A typical situation of a home office that had to double-up as a guest room, plus the entire overflow from the wardrobe.

We focussed on the home office, decluttered books, stationery, notepads and CDs. We categorised everything and found a place to store it all. We brought in a handyman to fit wall mounted shelving and a tabletop system which didn’t cost the earth. There is nothing better than having 3 metres of clear work surface. Even the cat loves the result!

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