How it works

Together we create results so you can continue your decluttering journey with confidence

LessMess is a Sydney based service with 17 years of experience in getting stuff done.

What we do

  • Free upfront phone consultation
  • In-home hands-on decluttering
  • Personalised organising solutions
  • Project coordination with related services
  • Client advocacy
  • NDIS coordination
  • Downsizing and move coordination

Do the first step.
Organise a call from us.


Being organised is not the same as being tidy


I’m sitting in the middle of a room full of stuff and I thought of you. Your tip about labelling with masking tape and a sharpie was life-changing!!!

Gemma Quinn - Master KonMari™ Consultant

Less Mess Professional Organiser, Susanne Thiebe Portrait

Let’s work together

In-home hands-on decluttering

We make an appointment and come to your home; the space that needs decluttering. We help you make decisions, so you have less clutter and can start living the life you deserve.

With 16 years experience, we can give advise on recycling, rubbish removal, selling and, at the end of the session take your donation to your designated charity.

With our no-nonsense approach, we guarantee that you will get stuff done.

It’s all about you

Personalised organising solutions

During the first consultation we assess the situation, walk through your space, find out what works and what doesn’t; find out more about you and your loved ones and your vision. Everyone is different and deserves a tailored approach.

  • You might already have your mind set on where to start – or we decide this together. Which area to start on is less crucial than you think – it is important to start!!
  • Overwhelm, procrastination, tradition, “I might need this later”, customs, routines and time are all playing a role in why people need assistance with this stage of the process.
  • We then start – we start with decluttering. Most people need to have less to make an organising process and system possible.

Getting it done

Project coordination with related services

We show and teach you the methods to decluttering. We do it together. You are in charge of the decisions. We lend a helping hand in this decision making.

We do take the donations away for you, distribute the rubbish.

We find personalised organising solutions that work for you and your family. We focus on making it work; which might involve purchasing what we call ‘organising infrastructure’ – but most clients have already enough.

After a successful finished first project – however big or small that might be – we reassess the situation and devise a plan forward.

We've got your back

Client advocacy

This might involve, but doesn’t have to, more appointments, appointments with extra subcontractors like Organising Assistants, Data Organisers, Photo Organisers, handyman, rubbish removals or cleaners.

You, the client, dictates the pace at which this is happening. We do take time, timing and budget into consideration when creating the plan forward.

Want to live in a home you love?
Let us help organise it.

What our clients say

I just want to thank you again for everything you have done for me and my family.  You first entered our lives during a very dark chapter where I was struggling to stay afloat.  But I knew if my physical environment became more organised and therefore easier to manage on a day to day basis that this would help me get my family through the other crisis. And it did. You have been a very important part of what has help us as a family - your organising skills and ideas have brought calm and peace to our living environment. I really can't thank you enough for your professionalism, enthusiasm and kindness.

Sarah, Glenmore Park