March 2, 2015

Just Change some Words

and it might change your attitude towards your to do list Who doesn’t have that ever re-accruing task on their to do list; I used to have ‘finish Max photo album’ on it; week after week after week; till I decided to just not put it on there anymore and wait till that Max is moved out and I have time and will enjoy a bit of simple scrapbooking. Another idea to get things off your to do list – […]
April 12, 2012

Woolies Boxes

That’s how they are called in our household – and with the soccer season starting last weekend, I have been in and out of this one quite a bit. They are 50cm x 35cm x 27cm see through plastic with a lid that closes by folding over the handles. They are big enough for most items and small enough to not be overloaded. Because of their size, they are a bit sturdier then the bigger ones you get from hardware […]