September 8, 2014

Going Away

Going Away with the spring holidays almost upon us, you might want to take this organiaing challenge on this year. Your fridge will thank you and you’ll just love coming home to one less thing to think about! by Helena Tosello Now’s the perfect time to spring clean your fridge Planning for a trip is hard work but half the fun as you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labour. Think of spring cleaning your kitchen the same way – […]
August 22, 2014

Fridge organising tip

use folded Chux dishcloths to line the holders/shelves of your fridge door. They absorb all the gunk and can be ‘chucked’ when dirty.  
June 21, 2012

sort your fridge

Did you know it takes just 7 min. to sort and clean one shelf in the fridge? No reason to be scared of your fridge. It helps when you have some categories going on in the fridge; label your shelves so everyone in the family knows. For example, Top shelf: mine is the meat chiller – and I store chocolates there in a separate container First shelf: all condiments, opened food, leftovers Second shelf: breakfast and sandwich ingredients Third shelf: […]