July 10, 2016

Being organised or not can be a hot topic…

… but I personally think it doesn’t make the best dinner party conversation, because opinions and standards vary – and they should. It’s everyone’s life journey, including upbringing, which gets you to the place you are. And circumstances change, and with that expectations should. I good part of my private consultations and public workshops revolve around conversations about that topic. We discuss the whole attitude we have towards our homes and our (overstated) expectations; fueled by the media, our imidiate […]
March 31, 2015

Don’t judge

Two weeks ago, this article made the rounds on my social media feed – and my PO colleagues. All POs where mad as hell about it, because it so doesn’t portray what we and real life is about. I did think about talking about it on my Facebook page, but I didn’t want to give it more air time than it deserved. Apart from being badly written (some people thought it could be tongue in cheek, others didn’t) it creates […]