Declutter Online. Personal Organisers Australia Live Online

Organising is a skill that everybody can learn – NOW is the time!

Virtual Organising: You, two  Professional Organisers – live, online

10 years ago, I started a virtual organising business with a colleague, Sarah from Heavenly Order

Virtual decluttering is now more relevant than ever. Courses are starting NOW.

Are you

  • Self-isolating due to COVID-19?
  • Stuck at home with little kids?
  • Living in a regional area, too far away for services?

You might find yourself needing to

  • Create a decluttered, organised home office
  • Organise your home for homeschooling your kids
  • Tackle your decluttering home areas while you at home 24/7

If you tried it alone and it did not work, we are here to help you.

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We will be at your side (virtually) while you work on your organising projects. We foster collective thinking and peer support.

How it works

  • We meet at a designated time online, live via Zoom Meeting
  • All organising workshops run for 90 minutes
  • There will be 2 professional organisers (myself and Sarah) and a limited number of participants
  • We introduce the topic of the session
  • We start the session with guiding ideas and tips that really work.
  • Then, during the session, everyone goes off to get it done – in their own homes
  • We stay online for practical and moral support, to guide you and virtually hold your hand
  • We will answer your individual questions and road blocks
  • We come back together to discuss everyone’s progress
  • We set homework task for you to do.

We have put together several workshops for the home, home office or wardrobe.

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We prepare the ground for team building and accountability.

Declutter Online. Personal Organisers Australia Live Online