August 15, 2016

Inbox Zero??

If having too much stuff does your head in, having too much digital stuff does exactly the same, despite not actually taking up room– it still takes up space in your head and might send you mental. I did write about this topic three years ago, but technology changes so quickly and a lot of people have, by now upgraded to the new windows 10. So I edited this article to reflect outlook 2016. Have a go, you’ll be amazed […]
May 15, 2014

Duplicate Finder

Peter Walsh always says, that de cluttering is not about the stuff. It’s about you changing your attitude. Every item you own is a point on your to do list and occupies a space in your mind! This applies to non physical stuff,too. All the things we have on our computers! I have written about de cluttering your e mails, but this is better and bigger; it’s about de cluttering your whole computer. A colleague of mine found this online […]