May 5, 2015


Next time you go through your memorabilia or photos, take a moment to ponder on how different  life was. Different and a lot slower. Past Generations weren’t as fast moving – they couldn’t be. Not every family had a car, kids would walk to school and if an afternoon activity was too far away, you just couldn’t do it.  The absence of modern communication technology meant you had to arrange things well in advance – knowing that a change could […]
May 31, 2012

Time nightmares – how they can be avoided

When people ask me what I do (for a living) I obviously answer that I am a Professional Organiser. If people want to know more I mostly say that I organise people’s stuff and time. The stuff thing most understand, but why organise time? I think organising time is the more important part of my work. If you have a (working) timetable for your employees and/or your family, the stuff tends to follow. I sit down with clients and sketch […]
August 22, 2011

Office Tip – E mail management

Think!!!! Take responsibility and don’t always cc everyone – just so you are on the safe side. Someone  delegated that task to you because they trust you that you can do the job and they want to focus on different matters at hand. You are actually showing that you are not quite up to the job. Ask about a company policy surrounding e mail. If your company doesn’t have one – maybe it’s your job to get the ball rolling. […]