March 7, 2016


These pictures where posted on the LessMess Facebook page over two weeks. They where meant to get people going on starting their de-cluttering journey – but also to highlight just how much stuff we actually have in our homes. Ask yourself: “Do I need it, Do I love it, Is it useful?” I know that the lists are by no means complete- too individual and too much for me to complete – but I would love some comments on what […]
March 18, 2011

All these pretty cushions

Being from Europe, there are a couple of (organising) things that irk me here in Australia. One is the amount of cushions people seem to have on beds. I don’t really know what they are for. Yes, they do look pretty, but whom do you want to impress. Isn’t a bedroom very much a “no go zone” for visitors? So you want to impress yourself – or you just never second guessed it. You are just doing what everybody has […]