June 16, 2012

The absolute best laundry basket

I have installed this system not just in my own house, but in customer’s laundries, too. It’s the absolute best in many ways: you can store a lot of dirty washing – the baskets are square. (Who invented oval or round laundry baskets – such a space waste!!) you can store your dirty laundry vertically, no more clothes on the floor easy to sort by colour They fit exactly one full load. Whenever the baskets get packed, wash. The wire […]
May 28, 2012

Not just for wine or shoes

get creative with this one. Not just by making it yourself, but all the uses you could find: matchbox car collection, pens, pencils, brushes, paint, shoes, shoe cleaning/polish, socks, wine, condiments, seeds, spices… Anything else? please comment For the DIY instructions go here
March 29, 2012

How to store your broom(s)

up side down, of course. Never just fling them into a broom cupboard, it will break all the bristles and next time you use them, you have broom hair all over your floor. This is easily made in 1/2 an hour. Just take any board, melamine, MDF, particle board… and hammer some long nails in the right position. Hang it in the broom cupboard or, as this one from our laundry on a free wall in the laundry. If you […]