December 8, 2016

Why Spring Cleaning?

Clutter can be a drag on our energy levels… …unless you are completely comfortable with living in clutter and unfazed by being late, missing appointments and paying extra fees. Most people aren’t, not in our social environment. The reasons for feeling down when having too much stuff are varied: You don’t find things, so you constantly purchase things you know you have (somewhere) You forget things – late fees arise, missed appointments You constantly think about the clutter and the […]
March 6, 2015


Organisers talk, think and some  even dream about labeling. Most use a labeling machine, but I love masking tape for various reasons: It’s cheap You can write big, bold letters It’s quick It’s not perfect You can peal it off easily The two last ones are somewhat linked, because getting organised is a process. Sometimes the spot you first thought is a good one turns out to be not so perfect for various reasons. With sticky tape, you don’t worry […]